Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My Midori Travelers Notebook

I love this thing.  It's just so Indiana Jones and cool to carry around.  I like how the diary and notebook on the inside are individual too, so there is no loose pages.  This makes the refills so much easier to store when it's full.  Here is mine on it's first holiday in the Bay of Plenty.

City side of Lake Rotorua.

Lake Rotorua from Marama Resort.

Mt Maunganui with way out at sea, the Rena shipwrecked on the reef.

Coffee at Bayfair Mt Maunganui.

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  1. Omg I am so envious that you have the 5th anniversary edition! I have the black and brown and have searched all over for yours....I posted that I am willing to pay way over retail to get my hands on one hahaha! I'm crazy...these things are like an addiction I swear lol!
    Anyway, your pics are beautiful ;)